We’ve been in business in the same shop for over 30 years!

It’s in a setted (cobbled) backwater between Clerk Street and Buccleuch Street (MAP) in Edinburgh’s historic South Side.

There may be a few items still in stock from the day we opened, and certainly plenty that were made long before…

Just remember none of it is junk, it’s just an eclectic mix of pre-owned consumer items from (mostly) the 20th century. Things you, or your ancestors, may have owned once and wish to again or just something to add to your unique, personal, collection of ‘stuff’.

This is a rough list of things we have a selection of

  1. Diecast toys (Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox etc)
  2. Tin toys (pre war & post war)
  3. Pre war Tin trains
  4. Post war trains
  5. Antique advertising (signs (enamel tin paper card) “Point of sale” items, tins (small and large))
  6. Antq Dolls Teddy bears
  7. Techy (Radios Phones, Tape recorders other old electrical Type writers.)
  8. Older transport items (eg bikes a and bike parts, automobilia, mascots
  9. Enamel badges, cig lighters , Pens, Penknives
  10. Antique photographs, post cards, cigarette cards, Bank notes, coins etc.

But there’s so much more….

7 responses

22 05 2009
Dav id Mitchell

Dear David,
Re our telephone conversation of yesterday and my E mail, I meant to ask about “SAMLO” not bako building sets. The Samlo was made of manilla card and slotted together.All that I have ever found on the net was a photo of a lid !
Any ideas ?

26 06 2010

I wondered if you ever have any old working radios to sell? And how much do they sell for?

22 10 2010

Yes indeed. Many. Ranging from £15 to £500

22 10 2010

Whither the Euphonium?
Best deal I ever had, Bflat Euphonium by Hawkes & Co, circa 1910ish courtesy of yourself.
Admirable chaps, Now & Then, wholly admirable. Thanksoffly.

Best Regards,

26 06 2011

Thank you for your kind comments Sir.

15 08 2011
christian Scott

do you know anyone who woud mend a china doll(85 yrs old).
She has a cracked head ,(china head hands and legs ).
Would you uggest I paint over the plaster where the china has come away or will I spoil her? c Scott

14 02 2013
richard warne

l collect pre war triang minics and other bigger triahgs can u help???richard

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