We are always on the look out for interesting and unusual items.

Tin Trains, Ships, Cars, Trucks & Planes.

Die cast toys (Benbros, Britains, CIJ, Corgi, Crescent. Dinky, JRD, Lone Star, Matchbox, Schuco, Spot-on &c.)

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20 02 2009

Hello there,

Iam not sure if this is the kind of thing you are intrested in, i have some comic book hero figurine that i have collected over the years, which im looking to sell off, such as 12″ captain america, a classic 1966 batman t.v series batmobile and so on all in perfect condition and still boxed, with there authenticity certificate.some of which costed me over 100 of just not sure what kind of place or were i can sell them off to.if you intrested email on the email provided and we can arrange something as i live in Edinburgh. Nathaniel

29 04 2009

See you soon. Ok?

25 03 2009

I have a small painting of a clown doll would you be interested ?
do you buy things?
do you buy and sell dolls?
thank you

29 04 2009

I have been buying things for 35 years. Let me see it. Thanks

29 08 2009
Lorna Siddell

Hi there i have a Scalectrix set which is light grey in colour and has Airflex printed on the back. I have straights, corners, crossovers and counters for the track. I also have crash barriers and the little white clips that attach the track together. There is also an original Airflex porche car (not sure if it works) but it look pretty whole. Would you be interested in buying things like this or can you recommend someone who would.

many thanks Lorna.

29 08 2009

Thanks, but I deal in older stuff. Thanks again

22 04 2010
mike sinski

I have a buddy L outdoor locomotive wrecking crane would you be or do you know anyone who mite be interested? ?? thank

22 04 2010

Hello. Thank you for getting intouch. where are you? Can you please send me photos to
Thanks David

22 10 2010

That might be of interest to me. Tell me more please.

19 05 2010

hi do you buy porcellin dolls newer ones i also have a full lead crystal winnie the pooh would you be intrested

21 12 2010
Yaduleisys Quintana Duvergel

Hola me dicen Yady soy cubana y deceo vender un
juego de ferrocarril con estaciones y todo del año
1930 en muy buenas condiciones por favor quien
le interese escribirme a mi correo.

25 01 2011

Hi, I have a silver cross dolls pram from the 1960s/70s. It is a little tatty but could easily be restored with a bit of know-how. Is this the kind of thing you might be interested in? I’m fairly local so could bring it in for you to look at if so.

30 01 2011
Colin Mackay

I have a boxed 35m/m projector known as The Stip Master with a small number of films. Is this of interest?

28 02 2011
Scott Dinning

I have over 140 Magnet comics from 1936 onwards. Is this something you would be interested in?



2 03 2011
liz laing

Hi I have a tin advertising sign approx 12 x 24 inches in good condition. Are you interested in buying suchlikes?

2 03 2011
liz laing

I am local so bring it to you. When are you open?

2 03 2011
liz laing

Photograph not available. I will call at the shop tomorrow.

27 07 2011
Sonia McLay

hi i have been given approx 20 collectable bears as a donation for seagull trust cruises and wondered if you could help us value / sell them
they include musical bears, a singing pig and are labeled

16 10 2011

I have a corgi constructor set in good condition all in box would you be interested.

13 04 2012
Andrew Gilford

I have an old train set, circa 1930’s, original power block, tracks, stations and accessories still in original boxes

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