Now and Then
9 West Crosscauseway
Owner: Dave Gordon
+44(0)131 668 2927 (shop)
+44(0)777 242 0279 (mobile)

I am currently opening 10.30 till 6pm  Tuesdays through to Saturdays.

Closed Sundays and Mondays

Or by appointment if you intend to spend a reasonable amount.

18 responses

2 03 2009
Nick Pomeroy

Would you let me know what items of Hornby O Gauge railways you have in stock?
I am often in Edinburgh and would come in if you have some.

Kind regards


29 04 2009

When will you be visiting next?

28 06 2009
Marion Mather

My son has complete sets of Harry Potter Lego, boxed and in very good condition, from the first 3 films and would like to sell them. Do you buy models like this to sell on, and if not, can you suggest the name/details of someone who does?

28 06 2009

Hi Marion. Thank you for your enquiery. sory, but, I haven’t a clue. I am interested in older toys and antiques. David

11 09 2009

Hi Dave
> Hope this doesn’t get lost in your spam
> And that you got your mobile fixed
> I suppose you heard Siri got married
> And Jane Edgell is having to move out of Harvieston (after
> 30 ???? years)
> So glad I bought my own place !!
> Still got that chest of draws you sold me 25 yrs ago
> Good to meet you yesterday, we always seem to have a laugh
> Jez

21 09 2010
Uwe Sydekum

Hi there, a german friend of mine living in Edinburgh told me you have some (or more?) viewmaster reels. I’m interested in reels showing german attractions/towns like cologne, bonn, dusseldorf, stuttgart etc., and i’m especially interested in so called personal reels, made from private photographies.

Do you have any of these? I’m paying good prices for some of these in good condition.

Thanks for reply, Uwe

22 10 2010

You are welcome.

22 10 2010
21 01 2011
Carl Whiteley

I’m looking for tin toys made by Whiteley Tansley & Co Trade name ‘Whitanco’ 1912 to 1924 ‘o’ gauge Trains, Cars, Buses, Spinning tops, Horse & carts, cannons, Tanks etc. all made by the company in Beech street Liverpool largest manufacturer of toys in Britain in 1919.

21 01 2011

I will ask around. Regards

12 05 2011
Jeff O'Dell

I visited your establishment last Thursday but sadly you were not open. Do you have set opening hours? I would like to visit again if possible,the next time I’m in Edinburgh. Jeff.

13 06 2011
Pimping Games


[…]what the internet is talking about today[…]…

16 06 2011
Ian Anderson

I am looking for a Mobo Bronco please.

26 06 2011

Hi David 🙂

Just been around your ” Appreciating Now and Then”site. Looking good, its nice to see some things dont change :). Well aprt from looking older lol..

There was a few photo’s taken of me outside the shop, must be long gone by now.

Take care. 🙂

Ronnie (Murphy)

13 08 2011
Arlene Munro

Hi there,

I have a set of brass candle sticks that are very old, not sure exactly how old but they were my great grandmother. Do you think you would be interested in buying them????

Many thanks


1 02 2012
Bruce E. Arndt

sorry I spelt my e-mail address incorrectly on my first comment, it is right now

25 03 2012
Charlie Simpson

Hi I have 16 models models consisting of 5 routemasters corgi/dinky
2 dinky AEC single deck buses
5 matchbox cars asstd/ lincoln continental, 200 gallon water truck, commer milk float,fire chief car and army scout car
Dinky impala
Thunderbirds 2 /match box
Batmobile 1960’s
Corgi carrimore
They are all used and without boxes , I have a picture please send details in how or where to send

9 07 2012

Hi guys,

Looking for 2 butcher / delivery bikes. Would you be able to help?

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