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It would be impossible to list every thing we have in stock.

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Dinky Toys

W side car

Looking to buy items like this.

4 responses

29 04 2009
Peter McAllum

Greetings, from Down-Under!
I’m a Sydney-based Kiwi actor, and I am hoping to be in Edinburgh in August, performing in the Fringe Festival.
I’m an ardent collector of vintage toy motorcycles, so it almost goes without saying that I shall be knocking on your door at some point during my visit!
Looking forward to meeting you and checking out your wares.
Peter McAllum

29 04 2009

You are welcome. Try and tell me a day or so before you arrive. David

16 06 2011
Ian Anderson

Do you have a Mobo Bronco in stock please

29 08 2011
Geert Boumans


I´ll visit Edinbourgh in Sept. I´ll arrive on the 19th and stay 4 days. I have inherented a tin/toy collection years ago. My plan is to expand this collection with items I´m still looking for.

I look forward to visiting.

With regards,

Geert Boumans.
0031 6 531 76 709

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